Chapter 6

The next morning, Jo awakened to a text message from Andrea that read; Call me ASAP.

Jo did as the message said and called Andrea as she went to brush her teeth.

Andrea answered, all hyped up, “Good morning Jo.”

Jo, who wasn't a morning person groaned at Andrea's perkiness. How could someone be cheerful at such an ungodly hour, she thought, “You asked me to call you.”

“That I did. Yesterday, after you told me about Ash being at the bust too, I looked him up in our records, and I must say he looks good both in pictures and in real life.”

Jo put the phone on speaker and squirted some toothpaste on her toothbrush, “Is that what you called to tell me?” She feigned disinterest outwardly but she was actually eager to hear about Ash.

“No. Funny thing about Ash is that he's not from Ganghaven,” Andrea said.

Jo, who had been brushing her teeth vigorously stopped as Andrea's words perm

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