Chapter 6: II

Jo looked on with barely suppressed anger as the teenage boy and his family thanked Ash profusely. It wasn't that Jo was jealous over the attention and thanks he was getting, but why had he shown up? She'd had everything under control.

Ash had showed up at the last minute and cajoled the officers who'd been super friendly to him, to let her and the boy go. Surprisingly, the two grouches had given in after Ash had sworn on his life that they didn't know anything.

Jo admitted to herself that Ash's way was better for the boy. Now, he'd be saved the trauma of having to visit an interrogation room.

Some minutes later, Ash stopped the family from groveling and walked up to Jo.

Jo regarded him with a withering glance, “What do you want? A vote of thanks?”

Ash shook his head. Why did her belligerence look hot to him?

“No, I only came to ask if you're okay,” he replied with genuine concern.

Jo saw the concern in his eye

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