Chapter 7

Lieutenant Ted Baines was beside himself with pleasure at the prospect of having found the murderers.

He invited everyone into the conference room and began to brief them eagerly,

“We managed to find a camera on the premises, and it's footage revealed these two people leaving the crime scene right after the time of the murder to us,” he said, switching on a huge TV that was beside him.

He surveyed his audience to see if they would recognize them and was not surprised when he saw Lester's eyes widen.

“Lester, do you know these people?” Baines asked.

Lester gulped and shook his head vehemently, “But I've seen them in Ganghaven a few times.” There was no way he was telling his boss that he'd met those two the day before, and that he was even friendly with the man.

Baines ignored Lester and continued, “Yesterday, we were able to identify them. The male is Asher Mason, the leader of a street gang known as

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