Chapter 7: II

*    *    *

Ash was dumbfounded when he received a text message from Pascal that read: There's trouble. Stay sharp. 

He was about to call Pascal and ask him to elucidate on the text he'd sent when he received several notifications. Clicking on one, he saw that a bounty had been placed on him and Jo for the death of Matteo Salvador. He pinched him to make sure he wasn't dreaming.

Other notifications were comments on the post by people who were interested in getting the sixty thousand dollar award.

“This must be the trouble Pascal's talking about.” Ash mused. He knew that if he stayed in his apartment, he'd be french toast.

All of a sudden, his door burst open and three men in green jackets, cut-off jean shorts and green baseball hats.

Ash groaned. Just what he needed, to be taken in by the Green gang. From the

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