Chapter 8: II

“Lenny, what you did was wrong. Those girls are underage. They shouldn't have been working at your sleazy massage parlor.” Jo said.

“There you have it,” Lenny said to Ash, “She destroyed my massage parlor and took my stash of cash with righteous fury just because of a little misunderstanding. Now, I need money to renovate. Just bear in mind that this is happening to you because of her.”

Ash pushed Jo behind him, “I'm sorry, Lenny. But we aren't going to hand ourselves over. Now get out of our way.”

To Jo, he whispered, “I'm going to draw their focus on me by engaging them. When I do so, run.”

Before Jo could reply, Ash attacked one of Lenny's men. This one was actually the least muscular, but Ash still looked like a matchstick when compared to him.

He hit the man in his groin and he went down one knee.

The other four descended on him, kicking and punching him.

Jo was about to

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