Chapter 10

Early the next day, Jo and Ash were awakened by Masha. She told them to have breakfast and a bath before they left.

Jo agreed and left the room without talking to Ash. Ash knew she was angry with him, and he actually deserved it for how rude he'd been to her the night before. He could still remember how surprised he'd been, when she'd said he had Gulden tastes. Although she'd meant it as a joke, it didn't make it nothing less than the truth.

First, she'd seen his tattooless torso, and then she'd found out about his tastes. What else would she be privy to if he let her?

It actually wasn't her fault that he couldn't keep his mouth shut when he was around her. Not Capo or Pascal, his most trusted men, knew most of the things he'd told her, but for some reason, he'd wanted to spill all his secrets to her. He knew that would not bode well for him. 

*   *   *

Jo looked at herself as she put on the shirt Masha lent her. The shirt was loose

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