Chapter 20


Lieutenant Ted Baines was disappointed in himself. How could he not have seen what was right under his nose? Due to his implicit bias, he'd thought those two gangsters were the culprits, not knowing it was one of his own men.

He hated it when men who swore to serve and protect, did a one-eighty and became what they were supposed to fight. Damian of all people, too.

Baines who'd always thought himself to be a good judge of character, couldn't believe he'd sorely misjudged him. His only consolation was that he wasn't the only one. Damian had fooled them all.

From the information had been able to gather, Baines learned that Matteo had begun to suspect Damian, and had planted the cameras in the building to catch him in the act.

Then he'd confronted Damian who responded by shooting him dead. Then, when Damian had asked to be given time to console his partner's widow, he'd actually gone back to the crime scene and watched what was on the

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