Chapter 20: II

At last, Baines spoke, “How am I sure this is real, not some fabrication?”

Ash spread his hands on the table, “You're a lieutenant. I'm pretty sure you'll find the same things I showed you, if you got your people to look hard enough.”

Baines regarded him closely, “What's in it for you?”

“If you're asking if I'm doing this for some reward or favor or something, the answer is no. Josiah's one of the bastards whose operations put Ganghaven in such a desolate state. He needs to pay for the lives he's ruined.” Ash said. He'd told Baines the truth, but not all of it. Back in Sia's clinic he'd vowed to eliminate all threats to her, both actual and perceived. One of those, was his father.

Josiah, in order to get back at Ash could kidnap, maim or worse, kill Jo. In order to prevent that from happening, Ash had decided that his father must be in a place where it would be impossible to do that; jail.

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