Chapter 21

Jo forced a smile on her face as she opened the door to usher Andrea and Sia in. She was still living like a hermit in her mother's house, and she didn't want to diagnose what that said about her. She was making progress, she told herself, she was going to make a conversation with her friends even if it killed her.

Andrea and Sia noticed her staring into space.

“Yo! Earth to Jo!” Andrea said, snapping her to the present.

“You okay? We could come back later, if you wanted.” Sia said, leading Jo to the nearest chair.

Jo allowed herself to be led and when she sat down, she said, “No. I invited you here. We're going to do this.”

“Ok. But there's no pressure,” Andrea said, turning on the television. There was a boring news broadcast going on, so they paid the television no mind.

“How's your injury?” Sia asked, switching to physician mode.

Jo raised her blouse up and let Sia examin

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