Chapter 22: II

The next day, Ruth heard the doorbell ding and went to open it. She didn't see snyone, just a package left on the doorstep.

It had a tag which said 'For Jo'.

She brought it into the kitchen and called Jo who was still in her room.

Jo hurried to the kitchen, “Mum, who delivered that package?”

Ruth shrugged, “I don't know. It only says it's for you.”

Jo assessed the package critically.

“Should I open it?” Ruth asked as she moved to do so.

“No! Mum!” Jo said hastily.

Ruth gave her a curious look, “And why the hell not?”

Jo thought to what Ash had said about his father trying to get her, “Just let me handle this.”

She opened the package and sitting innocuosly in it was an apple pie with the words 'I love you' inscribed on it.

“Ash,” She said under her breath. He was trying to use apple pie to win her back. Her heart beat furious

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