Chapter 23: II


Ash wanted to laugh, “Of course I do. Is it just sinking in now?”

Jo nodded, “So you left Gulden to become a gangster once again?”

“No,” Ash shook his head, “About that. I was actually meaning to come over to your house with a proposal.”

Jo got a confused look as she wrinkled her nose, “A marriage proposal?”

Ash replied, “I would have gotten to that, but no. I meant like a business proposal.”

Jo nodded, “Let's hear it.”

Ash got into business mode and outlined his plan for them to set up a school and a charity organization that'd be run by both their gangs.

Jo let him finish his pitch, and after that she walked up to him, “I'm sorry for doubting you, Ash.”

“I'm sorry for running off on you too.” Ash said as he kissed her. This time, Jo didn't protest.

He carried her over to the bed and laid her down

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