Chapter Four

She could feel the tension in the air. His fingers were tight around her hand. If she would be with someone else, she must have run away from him. But she didn't know him, still trusting him. It hadn't been full twenty-four hours and she was out with him in his territory. He could do what he wanted, "Dylan, "She whispered slowly. 

    He loosened her hand, "Hi, Jas. We were waiting for you. "Victor smirked, leaning against the Jeep. 

   "Jasmine, "He almost ordered Victor. 

   "Hey, Victor. I'll prefer Jas. "She smiled, "You're also a prince. Just simply tell me. These regal things flow over my head. I understand, prince, princess, king and queen. I didn't hear about it. I should start reading newspapers. "She anxiously said. 

     "No need. I can be your newspaper if you don't mind. "Victor mocked. 

     Dylan held her wrist and glared at his brother, "Walk slow, brother. She doesn't have long legs like you. '' Ronnie smirked, standing near the door of the small restaurant. 

     He slanted another glare at Ronnie, "Hey! I'm not that short. "She protested. 

     "Yes, with heels. "Victor said, matching his long strides to catch up with them. 

     "Enough you both. "He growled. It frightened her. He stopped and turned, "I didn't mean to scare you. You're safe here. I promise. "He cupped her face. 

     For a second, she thought, he'd kiss her. She trusted him, she didn't know, why? She could feel the exhilaration of her heart. She never felt this happy before. But his mere glimpse did it, "I know, "She whispered. 

     She glanced over his shoulder and saw Kami and Tessa sitting together with food. She raked her eyes around. Food was set on the counters and chefs were looking in a hurry behind the counter, "If there is a lack of staff. You can allow high school students for part-time jobs. "She suggested. 

     He placed his hand on her back. She winced and felt comfort at the same time. He led her toward the same table where his family was sitting, "There's no deficiency of staff. "He said. 

      "Strange, but I like it. people do their chores themselves. Does this rule apply to you? ' She asked. 

     They stopped near the table. He stepped back stopping behind her, "See it yourself. "He whispered in her ear and pulled the chair for her.

     Her skin tingled with closeness. Immediately, she sat down. She swivelled her neck and looked up at him with a slight smile. She couldn't believe it, she met him yesterday, not a long time ago.  

      She gazed at Tessa who's plate was half empty now. Kami met her gaze, "Here's cooks are amazing. "Kami moaned. 

      "I can see. "She turned her eyes away from her at his back. All chefs bowed at him. He nodded in return. He picked up the plate. 

      "You're staring at the prince. "Ronnie whispered, sitting with his food beside her. Victor sat next to him.

     " You don't get every opportunity to see a prince doing his chores dressed like a common man. "She said. 

     "Point, "Victor pointed with his fork at Ronnie. 

     Dylan sat beside her and put the plates in front of her, "I'm not eating this much. "She said, staring at the salad plate and the food was mixed in the second plate. She wondered. 

    She gazed at him and he was walking back toward the counter, "Dylan, "Her voice reverberated in the hall. She felt all gazes at her but when she roamed her eyes around, all were busy with their food. She heaved in relief. Dylan came back with a water bottle and coffee. 

     "You're sharing your food with me. "Dylan said. 

     She looked at him in wonderment. He picked the fork and dug in the mixed food. She couldn't guess what it was. She could see vegetables, rice, mashed potato, sweet potato, "Pickle! "She furrowed her brows, "You eat pickles? "she unbelievably asked.

     "I put it for you. "He said, turning the spoon toward her mouth. 

     Her eyes widened, "My mouth is not that big. "She smiled shyly. 

     "Then feed yourself. "He beckoned at the second spoon. 

     "Why are we... "He cut her off. 

     "Not here. Finish. "He said in his authoritative voice. She glanced at him and he was looking at his sister. They seemed to share a secret language of eyes. 

     She grabbed the spoon and filled it half. She put it in her mouth and moaned, " Wao! It's delicious. "She closed her eyes and chewed it slowly. 

     When she opened her eyes. He was staring at her with lusty eyes and his hands were fisted as he was holding back something. It didn't flinch her. She understood from his posture. Victor and Ronnie laughed loudly. Tessa joined immediately. She couldn't hide her smile. 

     ' Have I attached myself to him in a short time? ' 

     He cleared his throat and began his eating. She ate less, Dylan finished it all. She looked at the water bottle. He removed the lid and slipped at her side. She drank half of it and put it back on the table. He grabbed it and finished it in one gulp. She lowered her eyes before he could see her staring.

      ' I like it. We shared food and water. No one makes me feel special. But why is he doing this? I'm not his finance. I'm just um.. neither friend nor stranger. I need to talk to him. it feels good but he's a prince. I can't do this. I need to talk to him. ' 

      She stared at her backpack. She unzipped it in her lap and fished out her cell phone. She unlocked it and quickly typed a message in the message box. But she couldn't send it to him as she did not know his number. 

      ' Can we talk? ' 

     She didn't want him to pass withering glare to his sister again. She shoved the phone in front of him. He took hold of it from her hand and ran his fingers in it quickly. He gave it back to her. 

    She stared at it confusingly. Her phone beeped in her hand. She astounded at the screen, finding ' Dylan ' name on it. She clicked on the message. 

      ' Sure) '

      "See you later guy. Tessa will accompany you, Kami. "He said, pushing on his feet. 

      "Yes, sir. "Kami slightly bowed her head. 

      She raised her eyebrows in question when Kami gazed at her side. She got on her feet. It felt like electricity ran through her body when he interlocked their hands. She felt butterflies in her stomach. He softly put pressure on her hand. She felt her pulse thudding against his fingers. 

     She wanted to pull back and tightened her fingers around his hand. She closed her eyes tightly and softly curled her fingers. She was feeling safe.

         He unhanded her wrist and whirled to face her, "Hmm, what is it? "He asked with a smile.

     She wasn't nervous and anxious but she also couldn't understand it. She was in a strange place, it was his people around her. She didn't trust people easily. But on the contrary, she was standing so close to him, smilingly, she recently met, he could do anything, she wasn't feeling wary, She heaved the air and gaze around her, greenery and his cologne, "Why did we share food? "She asked, moving her eyes around. It was only they two in the parking lot. Still, she was feeling safe with him. 

      "Does it bother you? "He asked. 

      She shrugged her one shoulder, "We hardly know each other. "she blurted.

       His eyebrows almost hit his hairline as her words had hurt him, "You are safe. I've told you. "He said again. 

       She exhaled heavily, "I don't know why are you doing this? "She asked.

      "Doing what? Cara Mia! "He asked, taking one step ahead. 

        She should have stepped back but she didn't leave her ground. She was feeling embarrassed with this talk, "Nothing, "She whispered. 

       "I'm hearing from you. Complete it," he demanded.

       She crushed her upper lip between her teeth, "We shared food like a couple. You are protective. Um, I don't know how to explain other feelings. It's new. "She lowered her gaze. 

      He shook his head while exhaling, "Look in my eyes when you are talking to me, Cara mia. I thought. I'm the only one to feel it. It's a relief to know the same from you. We should spend more time together. "He suggested. 

     Gosh! She wanted to do it. But she was hesitating. She couldn't control her unknown feeling. She was worried if she'd stay here alone with him, she'd throw her arms around him, "Tessa and Kami would be waiting for us. "She figured that if he wanted to harm her, he would have done this yesterday under the night sheet. But he and his family were so generous to her. They helped her and allowed her to be in their territory. 

        He shoved his one hand in his pocket and studied her face. Her cheeks were feeling hot.

            ! He's melting me. 

       "Let's go. "He smiled and put his hand on her back.

     She was shifting on her back after every second. The thought of his hand on her back made her insides churned, "Gosh! I'm falling for him. He's a prince of a huge territory which he called small. It never can be. He'd seek a princess at his side, not a millionaire's daughter. "She straightened her back and folded her legs. She sighed and ran a hand through her hair, "I need to keep my distance. I can't hurt myself with expectations of love."She removed the cover and walked straight in the kitchen

      She heard the clinks of utensils in the kitchen, "Why are you still up? It's too late. "She asked Kami. 

      "Dishwashing. You should sleep soundly after... "She cut her off. 

      "What do you know about Dylan? "She asked. 

      "He's a strong, rich and future king of his people. He comes here once a month. There's culture is far different from ours. He lives in Washington. That's all I know. Sorry. But you'll ask me about Ronnie, I've lots of information about him. "Kami blushed. 

      "Are you seeing him? "She asked her cheerfully. 

      "I don't know. We're not on the same track. He's so high. I can't reach there. They prefer their communities' girls, who are rich and strong. "Kami sadly said, cleaning the last plate. 

     Her words saddened her. Her guess was right. He'd prefer someone rich and hotter. But her attraction for him puzzled her, "Strange, "She said. 

     "I saw him looking at you fondly. "Kami smiled, whipping her hands on the towel. 

     "Hot chocolate? "She asked. She immediately raised her hand to stop her, "You need a maid, Kami. I'll ask my bodyguard to help you find the right one. " 

     "I can manage. "Kami said. 

     "End of the talk. "She walked across the floor and took out the milk from the refrigerator.

     ' Keeping distance from him will be the best thing. I find him a good guy but there's no future. I like this feeling when he's around me. Falling in love is always dangerous when there's no future together. '                        

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