Chapter Six

       Her eyelids were feeling heavy to her. She forced her eyes to open fully taking time to adjust her sight. It was a cream white ceiling. She peeked around and found the room empty. She felt her head heavy. There was a silky sheet beneath her and a soft blanket covering her.

     She sat up and confused that it wasn't her room. Scanning her surroundings warily, her lips parted in astonishment of the luxury of the room. She shivered when the door slowly opened. She blew out the air from her mouth as a familiar face came in view, "Tessa! "

     "Hey! You wake. "Her voice was soft with a smile. 

     "Yeah! Where am I? "Her voice seemed strange to her. She held her head in both hands and tried to remember. She jerked her eyes open, "Dylan

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Bella Jersey
Woah he he had to drug her?! Something wrong with those headaches. They may have made her headaches worse

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