Chapter Thirty

She rubbed her eyes with the pads of her fingers. She hissed air in through her mouth as the pain hit her in her head. 

      Suddenly, a hand rested on her cheek. She opened her eyes, expecting his face after recognizing his touch, " Hey! " He pressed a soft kiss on her lips. 

      She sat and stared around. She was still in the store, " Here, she'll feel better. " Tessa handed him a glass of water. 

     He grasped it and brought up to her lips. She drank it half. She looked up a Tessa, " I didn't mean to yell at you. I'm sorry." She said. 

     " No, " Tessa squatted down and hugged her tightly, " I'm sorry. You are already tense, I should not talk like that. " 

      " Forget it. " She pulled back from her and gazed at him, " What are you doing here? " She asked. 

       " We're going home. You can continue your h

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