Can't wait to fuck her!

"You don't deserve two shits from me." I spat on his face.  I hated this man already. I hated what was happening to me and the fact that I could be raped by these men at any moment.

The Commander didn't bother to wipe the spit on his face. He roared at the soldiers, "What are you looking at? Take her to the camp. She's going to be a slave."

A slave? I had read how slaves were treated in the transmigration novels. I didn't have the female lead's halo or the side character's luck. I would rather die than become a slave.

Before I could get the sword to commit seppuku or think of other ways to kill myself, a soldier grabbed my arm and pulled me up to stand. My feet listened to me this time. The Commander was already walking back.

The square face moron gave me a look over as the corner of his lips quirked up into a smirk before he jogged up to the Commander. I shook my head at his back. I had planned to bite off any unwanted dick and die fighting for myself.

"Look at that arse!"

"Her hole will be loosened up in the camp."

"Finally, there's a woman after so many months."

"Can't wait to fuck her!"

Lame! I ignored the soldiers' insults as I walked over the corpses. The sound of flesh squishing under my feet entered my ears. Blood and something gooey stuck to the sole of my feet.

In my mind, I told myself again and again that these corpses were not real. It was inside a book. This world wasn't real. It was some strange deity's imagination.

It was the only way that I could keep my mind sane.

"How did she survive the fall?" A soldier whispered to another one. "The tribe jumped to their deaths. There was no way for her to survive."

The fall? I wrecked my brain. What happened in the story? I didn't read about any mass deaths until the emperor waged a war against the male lead. In fact, the story was pretty much romance and mild action until the emperor started the war.

Did I pop up after the war? Then, how would I be able to change the ending and go back home?

The two soldiers behind me continued to whisper among themselves.         

"The tribe could give up their lands and live as a part of our great empire."

"They were too proud. They chose to die when they realized that they were going to lose."

"She's the last of the Mara Tribe. I heard that they could talk to animals."

"If they could, they would have used animals to attack us."

"Maybe it was all a rumour."

"Nevertheless, the women of the Mara Tribe are beautiful. The Commander said that she was going to be a slave."

"I am not sure. The prince might kill her. He doesn't like survivors."

The Mara Tribe wasn't mentioned anywhere in the novel. I didn't hear anything about a prince either. The story was too focused on the romance between the male lead and the female lead. Most things happened in the background with mild mentions of the villains here and there. The emperor didn't appear until the last twenty chapters of the web novel. In fact, there was no mention of the crazy ex-fiancee after her downfall until the emperor started the war.

Since I didn't inherit any memories, I understood that my character was a blank character. I might have been created when I came to this world. The author said that he left me a gift. I wondered what it was.

In any case, I wasn't prepared for what was coming for me.

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