Why is she not kneeling?

Why was I thinking of kinky stuff? Shit! When did I become a mindless female lead? I shook my head to exorcise the evil thoughts. I won't get tempted. Anyway, I would rather toss him around than getting tossed around by him.

I was S. I was definitely an S.

Whether I was S or not, it was the least important matter to think about at that moment.

"Why is she not kneeling?" One of the soldiers whispered behind me.

I shrugged. Why would I kneel? I was a 21st-century woman from a country with a constitution that treated both men and women equally. Kneeling was so ancient. Before I could open my mouth, the future emperor unsheathed his sword and ran his blade against my throat.

Feeling like the strings of life were snapped off, I fell on the ground. I couldn't breathe. The pain was real. While I was writhing on the ground, I looked up at Klaus. He wasn't looking at me. He put back his sword in the sheathe and walked back to the table. I stared hard at his back as my vision became darker. There was no guilt, shame, or any human emotion in that man. I hated him for that.

When I opened my eyes again, I found myself back at the location where I found myself earlier. There was a letter in my hand. I touched my throat. There was no blood or any wound, but I felt a phantom pain in my throat.


I didn't have much time. If it would go the same way, the commander and the soldiers should be here soon. I opened the letter.

[Dear Transmigrator,

If you are seeing this letter, you must have died already.

How did it feel? It must have hurt, right?

I have explained the rules already. But I might have forgotten to mention one or two rules. Pardon me!

So, you should know that you can't be too careless and let yourself get killed. You only have three lifelines. If you die thrice, you are totally dead. Your character will disappear from the novel and your soul will extinguish or get faded out. There's no heaven, hell, or reincarnation for you if you die before finishing your missions.

You can hate me all you want, but I know your pain. I am not the creator of this book. I was just a miserable transmigrator like you. Though I was given the reins of the story, I was merely a side character who had to ensure that the crazy ex-fiancee met her happy ending.

When you change the story, the story posted on the internet will change. If you are lucky, you might be able to find another hater like you and pull her into the story to replace you after you complete your missions.

P.S. if you manage to find the original deity who wrote this book, punch his/her face on my behalf.

Ciao~ ]

Just like before, the piece of paper disintegrated into dust. I clenched my teeth. Only three lifelines? I had already wasted one lifeline.

Just then, I heard the familiar sounds. The Commander and the soldiers were here.

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