Chapter 6 :

My head spun for a moment, then got better. This situation happened more frequently lately. My body got paralysed, and my head hurt. I felt like my heart was going to stop. Am I sick? I don’t want to. I am not allowed to; if I fell sick, I’d die because I don’t know anything about medicine. I want to stay healthy until I die.

« What are you going to do now ? » he asked.

« I thought of lazying around. »

« Then shall we play cards? »

« There is no question, because of your cheats, I lost all my belongings to you. I don’t have anything else to put at stake. »

« You have your life. »

« Are you kidding me? I already feel bad enough about the things that I lost. I don’t want to become your slave. »

« Don’t worry. Let’s play normally. I won’t take anything from you. »

« Are you even Robert? I doubt it. I begged you the last time to have a normal game, but you refuted. Now, even my house belongs to you. »

« Oooh, such a nasty game. It takes everything from the player. »

« But it depends on the parties playing. »

We played until night fell. I have decided that I’ll win no matter what. Yet, I still keep losing. I don’t know how he cheats, but I am sure that he cheats. Suddenly I heard cracking of dead branches outside.

« Did you hear that? » I asked.

« What is it? I heard nothing. »

« No, I am sure. Someone or something is outside. I need to check it. I don’t think that if I stay here, I’ll be able to let my guard down. »

« Are you an animal? »

I ignored his remark and went outside. The fire camp was still lit. I examined the area but didn’t find anyone. It was strange because. I definitely heard something outside. I felt like someone was observing me, like eyes staring at my back. I pivoted towards the direction where I felt it, but I found nothing, just a tall tree.

« Did you find anything ? » inquired Robert.

I turned around, facing Robert. He was standing at the door. I felt like he was observing my movements. No, I mustn’t think like that. We lived together for months now. He is a good guy. I turned to examine my surroundings for one last time. I spotted someone who was standing at a distance from me; he was smiling. It felt like his smile was creepy.

« Look, Robert; there is someone there. »

« Let me see, » he replied, coming closer, « Yeah, there is definitely someone there. »

« Shall we see who it is? Maybe, he is someone who lost his way. »

« He is suspicious. I don’t think that we must check him, it’s his own fault for straying from his way. »

« It reminds me of someone who approached me first, » I stared at him, « let’s check what he wants, what if he is a bad person, it would be bad for us to let our guard down around him. »

« That seems legit. »

I accelerated my pace towards him. The person was wearing a cloak so I imagine he must be a mage. It’s definitely a man. He has a big frame. No woman would look that way. He was big enough to make twice my figure. Robert was just one and a half from me. He was taller too.

Inspecting him with my large eyes, I noticed that the man backed off and ran away. What is this supposed to mean? So creepy. It’s been a while since I didn’t stay the night awake, it’s time for a night shift.

I wanted to come back to Robert, who was waiting for me where I left him. My body felt heavier than usual; in fact, I’ve been feeling it lately a lot. Just this time, it was so difficult to heft my body; it felt like a burden to me. I shook my hands, trying to get rid of this feeling, but to my surprise, my nose was bleeding. I started to cough blood.

« What’s the matter? Are you alright, Reina? »

« No, I am not; I am coughing blood. What’s wrong with me? »

Robert hugged me from behind. I didn’t feel like it was alright to let him do it. I tried to shake him off, but it felt heavy, my body was screaming from the pain. This time I coughed black blood, I was shocked. Am I infected? But I was careful not to touch any infected substance. I am scared.

« I thought that you were immune to poison, I am glad that you aren’t, » he said with a nasty smile on his face.

What is the meaning of his words? Did I hear them well?

« Robert, it’s not funny. You know I may be infected, I don’t have time for your jokes. »

He moved in front of me, smiling. I started hating his smile. My ears going bad, I kept hearing an annoying sound that it made me want to cut off my ars. It was so bad, make it stop.

« You really have a strong body. Do you even consider yourself as a human? You are definitely a monster. No wonder no one liked you. It took me three months to make the poison work; it is the most expensive one. One drop would kill a strong man, yet with you, it took me three small bottles. »

What is the meaning of this?

« From your eyes, I can say that you’re shocked right. Indeed, I am not someone that you can trust after all I am the one who killed the whole caravan. They were annoying; they noticed that I wasn’t one of them sot hey wanted to get rid of me, but I am stronger you see. »

I can’t believe this. I trusted him completely.

« You don’t have to thank me. It would be best if you thanked the emperor that gave me the order to make sure that you’re dead. I don’t know why he wants you dead, but I only execute. »

I couldn’t talk. I am a joke. My mouth turned bitter, was my blood making me want to throw up? No, it’s his face, I want to throw up every single memory that we had together.

I was blind.

Robert put his hand on my shoulder and moved his fingers to between my breasts. What is he doing? I opened my mouth to protest, but no sound came out. Even my hands felt heavier.

I am screwed.

« You don’t know how beautiful you are. I’ve been lusting over you for the few months that we shared. I bet that you still are a virgin. What if I give you additional services before your death. »

My back stiffened. I cringed at the thought to make love with him. It’s disgusting. I tumbled and proceeded to retch what I ate today, what was left in my stomach. I peeked at him; he was staring at me with a look that I’ve never seen him addressing me; it was cold; it sent a shiver down my spine. He was clearly gauging me, moving his eyes all around my body.

Don’t tell me that he is going to do what I am thinking of.

He smiled and pushed me on the ground roughly. Strangely, I didn’t feel any pain. He took a knife from his pocket and tore my clothes, leaving me naked. No, I don’t want him to do what he wants.

« What are you doing? Do you want to be late? Master is requesting for you, » said the robust man that showed up earlier.

« I’ll rape her then I’ll follow you. Please don’t interrupt me! Don’t you find that she is lovely with these big disgusted eyes? Don’t worry, my dear Reina. You’ll feel amazing. You must thank me because I am wasting my time doing this to you. »

I don’t want to. Please leave me alone.

I am terrified. I want to punch him in the face. Just let me die correctly. No, I don’t want to die. I’ve never loved before. I’ve never had a good life. If the ending isn’t happy, then it’s not the end. I need to punch him since he is focused on touching my body. I need to move; I must move. There is no question for me to stay this way. I can protect myself. Cyrus still needs my help. What if Cyrus is also a bad dragon. I don’t want to think this way.

My body. I want you to move.

My necklace started glowing with its red light. It was warm, but I could move my fingers again. Robert stopped licking my chest and wanted to take the necklace away but was stung by lightning that came from it. I was surprised, but it wasn’t time for this now. He felt pain and held his hand. I took advantage of the situation and punched him hard.

For once, I am glad that I have brut strength. He was thrown far away from me. The second guy came out from his hiding and threw a punch at me. I successfully dodged it and threw another punch at him. He growled in pain. Right, I don’t need so much energy to make them submit to me. I took the knife that was lying on the ground and stabbed the man with several hit then finished by piercing his heart and left it then went to Robert who was finding difficulties in standing up from the punch.

« This suits you better. This sight pleases me but not enough, » I said.

I pulled his hair and hit it with my forehead. I sat down on him and punched him until I was satisfied. I didn’t notice in time that the big guy was behind me. He isn’t ordinary. By the time I turned my head, I was stabbed by the knife; I punched him so hard that he was thrown away dead. I got up and looked at what was left of Robert.

I need to go away from this place. I feel numb. I don’t feel anything. Wherever I looked, I see an only blurred sight. Everything is foggy. I walked, walked and walked. I know that I must return to the house to tend to my wounds.

I don’t want to die.

I don’t know where I am walking. I don’t want to die. I didn’t love it. I want to experience it at least once. I don’t want to die. I want a cosy home where I can feel at peace. I don’t want to die. I must find a place where I belong. I don’t want to die.

My vision was blurry, but I spotted a light nearby.

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