Chapter 36 :

As I described my relationship with Edward, of course, I left our real identity out. There was a jolt of numbing cold in my back. I did not cry in pain, but Edward darted to my side, pulling me under a tree. As he turned his eyes searching for the culprit, a cloaked man barely visible in the light since he was hiding in the shadows, jumped forward followed by other clocked men. They had daggers, and one of them had a wand. 

The one with the one was pointing his hand towards me and holding the wand with the other. I understood immediately who they were, assassins. They came out when we sent our three companions. Even Alisha was not with us since she stayed behind studying the werewolf silver pack condition members. 

Xavier unsheathed his sword and charged towards the cloaked man with a wand. The first thing you had to do in a battle was to eliminate the healers, supporters and offensive magicians. As I slumped back against the ground, pushing Edward forward, t

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