Chapter 38 :

"Good morning, Guardian deity Grazar; I hope that I did not disturb you," I looked around me and caught a glimpse of Edward and Davina sleeping, "I did not want to create a disturbance. However, I need your assistance."

"You are a Grande, yet you need help from a guardian like me. I do not find anything to help you with."

I looked at my bare hands then clenched them. There was something that had to be done. I stared at him with confidence. It was better to keep this a secret from the others. "I do not want to fake anything. I am not Adelia. I do not know what I need to do to fix all this mess, even if it was not my fault or hers to begin with. What I intend to do will be good for us as well as for you."

"You got my interest. What can I do to help a worrisome soul like you? I already knew who you were. Words travel with the wind, and my friend told me about it. In fact, the future Adelia must have connected the two eras. That is why you ended up here."


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