Chapter 40 :

After a good bath, I met Bonine sitting on a bench right outside in the street torturing the bird. 

"I was wondering for a while but, aren't you an odd fellow? You have the intelligence of a regular person. Who is that master of yours?"

"He is the mighty Diego. How about you become my master's bride instead of staying with that good for nothing? My master is a good man. He will give you the life you dream of. I feel like you desire a normal rich life where you have everything you want, with many servants and girls... I mean boys, handsome ones..." I flinched. I wonder what she will answer?

She grimaced. "You deserve another beating. Do you know who he is? The one you are badmouthing."

"Whatever he is, my master is better. It is not like he is a king."

"He is a king."

The bird screamed and flew away. "Excuse me. I do not want my feathers taken away. I guess there is no future for you and my mater. Goodbye! I hope you will have all the ha

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