Chapter 7

Currently, I am playing the cellphone in my room. More precisely in Nathan's and mine, because we were sleeping in one room. As for Nathan, he was still in the living room and watching television.

After I finished washing the dirty dishes and utensils, I decided to go straight to the room, and leave Nathan alone, because I was still angry with him.

But to be honest, now I feel guilty, for being cold, and ignoring him for most of the day.

And am I being too much, for being like that to him? In fact, it can be discussed carefully, without having to act like that to him.

* the sound of the door being opened *

I turned my head, when I heard the voice. And I could see Nathan who was standing at the door, without stepping in.

"You're still mad at me, right? So I'll sleep in the other room," he said, who was about to walk away, and closed the door again.

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