Chapter 8

Now I'm focused on staring at the computer screen, and doing my job, as usual.

"Alexa, have you prepared the documents?"

I immediately lifted my head, when I heard that voice, and I could see Nathan who standing in front of my desk.

"Y-Yes sir, already" I replied, with a little halting.

"Then, let's go," he said, who then walked first.

"Yes sir," I said, nodding my head, and tidying up my work. Then, I immediately got up from my chair, and brought my bag and the documents that had to be brought, for today's meeting. When finished, I walked and followed him, who had already walked first.

Yes, today Nathan did have a meeting with his client at a cafe, and he said that the client was his best friend.

30 mins later. . .

Nathan pulled over his car when arrived in front of a cafe. Immediately he turned off the e

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