Chapter 41 • Nathan

Since Alexa dated with Sam, our relationship has become strained, more precisely I was the one who deliberately kept a distance from her, and was ignorant of her. And I did this, not only to protect and respect Sam's feelings, but because I was so annoyed with Alexa who didn't want to listen to what I said. If you say I'm jealous of her, then the answer is 'No.' Because I don't feel that way at all, I don't love her anyway, although I admit that sometimes I feel afraid of losing her. It's funny, but that's how I feel. Maybe it's because me and her are used to being together, so there is a fear of losing.

Tonight, I intend to have dinner outside, and of course just by myself, because I don't intend to invite anyone. But when I was going down the stairs, suddenly Alexa got in my way.

"Nath, why are you just silent?" she asked, snapping me from my reverie.

I sighed slightly harshly, and looked away from her. Actually, I don't feel the heart, if I have to continue t

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