Chapter 49

"Would you risk your life for someone you love?"

I once asked that in myself before I started my mission in drei's life. 

Love these days had brought up different meaning. Traditionally, love defines as pure, sweet and something that we can't really live without. But time flies and definitions changes, until love begins to become a mere game for teens. Saying 'I love you' even if they don't actually mean it. 

These days, a love that is willing to risk his or her life is a very rare kind of love that is really difficult to find. Everyone now was a bit selfish, their sake first before others. 

But me, If I was in Draven's situation I'd also risk my life for him in dire jeopardy. You never know how your decision will work out, but you always will know when you failed to act. I'd rather die, than live with the agony of inaction.

"How you feeling?" I stares at my brot

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