Chapter - 83 Decision to confess

Samudra went back to his Palace and took a bathe to clean the sweat and dirt off. He summoned the Royal doctor who told him Tanisi was now fine with a smug smile on his face. Samudra still had a stern expression on his face. He came down to look where she was. He now had the doctor's permission to break his abstinence. He wanted a reward for his daring act for the day from his beloved wife.

He came near the discussion hall to find Naksha dressing Pradyumna and Tanisi... wait, what!? Tanisi was cuddling Bahu and kissing the child's chubby cheeks!! Samudra was now enraged. Tanisi and Naksha had their back towards Samudra, but Pradyumna was facing him and he saw the emperor.

He slightly bowed his head upon seeing Samudra who acknowledged it and then with a smirk winked at the handsome husband of Tanisi. Samudra understood there was something fishy and soon realized that this was a deliberate attempt to make him jealous.

He smiled a victorious smile and once agai

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