Chapter - 84 The Confession

Tanisi, opened and closed her mouth few times. Words forsake her. She was not able to think coherently due to the panic that rose in her earlier and now the embarrassment of pouring her heart out.

Samudra: "Calm down Tanisi. Tell me what you wanted to talk about."

Tanisi suddenly felt as though her thoughts had strung together. She spoke.

Tanisi: "I wanted to talk about two things. First about Pradyumna and Naksha."

Samudra was so disappointed, his face said it all. He had hoped she would speak about what he wanted to hear so desperately. But he quickly regained his composure and looked keenly at her as though saying go ahead.

Tanisi: "I think Pradyumna likes Naksha. I don't know how it is in your society. But you asked her to move on which I suppose indicates she can remarry. Am I correct?"

Samudra: "Yes, you are correct and that is what I meant. I saw Pradyumna's smile being warm towards her. I realized he probably loves her. Naksha

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