Chapter - 3 The Trek

Once she came out of her room, she handed the room keys to the receptionist and dragged her luggage to the bus. She boarded the bus and kept her luggage in the compartment of the single seat reserved for her. Ensured that it was safe and stepped out. She had some light morning breakfast of two slices of bread, some fruits, and a glass of herbal tea. She bought some bananas and guavas and kept them in her backpack. Just in case she needed to munch, she would have the fruits.

One by one all of them boarded the bus. Tanisi boarded it the last and sat at her place. Varidhi had instructed to keep all valuables with them since they would leave the luggage in the bus.

They set out to the hills. The morning was still dark, and the weather quite chilly. Tanisi had expected this and was wearing a jacket on her T-shirt. This ensured she was comfortably warm. After an hour's journey they reached the foothill.

As soon as they reached, the team was divided into two teams. Tea

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