Chapter - 5 Samrat Samudra...

The moderners soon understood that the man had no intention of believing them and was going to stir trouble. The women folk were skeptical to remove the veil. Just then they heard loud sounds from what sounded like a war bugle outside. They also heard the men shouting and greeting their emperor.

Soon a guard came in and whispered something in the ears of the Royal man and he started to fidget. He murmered "How on earth did he reach here so quickly!".

Just then the guards outside announced "Hail the Mighty and Righteous Emperor!! Greetings and Salutation to the Great and the Just ruler of Nishantha!! Welcome your Majesty!!"

The Royal man jumped on to his feet and stood facing the entrance of the hall. A tall man with a regal stride walked in. His face was covered but his eyes spoke of great discipline. Unknowingly everyone present in the great hall bowed to him in reverance.

The Royal man spoke, "My beloved Nephew! You reached so quickly. Pardon this old a

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