Chapter - 8 The abduction....

Through Vikas, Makaranda had known about the moderners trip. He had devised an evil plan. Unbeknownst of all this the moderners happily set out on their journey. They all reached their destination on the 20th day of leaving the Capital city.

They were exhausted by the travel. But one look at the serene place they forgot their fatigue. The place was extremely beautiful. The waterfall was just the right height to act as a shower. The water that flowed was also cool and not too much or too less in volume. After falling down it continued as a stream. It was surrounded by dark rocks and green creepers and trees. The flowing of water made a pleasant soothing sound. All of the adventurers, got into the stream and some got under the waterfall and played in water. They laughed while splashing water on each other.

Vikas didn't participate much and after washing himself, he simply sat on the rock. His eyes were on Tanisi. Tanisi was wearing a deep purple Antariya(Top cloth which

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