Chapter - 10 They see each other!

He immediately looked at her to check if she was alright. He saw her full lips which were trembling. Her skin felt so soft against his. He removed the blindfold. She couldn't see properly immediately. But Samudra did. And he was spellbound. She was enchantingly beautiful. His heart missed a beat and he couldn't take his eyes off her. He didn't even blink. By the time Tanisi's eyesight adjusted to the surroundings, Samudra found his composure. He looked at her foot which had the weight tied. He was annoyed to find the metal ring locked to her ankle. How would she walk. He cannot even carry her as the weight would dig into her flesh.

He wanted to remove the weight from her ankle. He made her sit down and checked the metal ring around her ankle. He looked at her and found her staring at him. He enjoyed her attention. Looking at her he asked, "I need to unlock this weight". She suddenly blinked her eyes as though coming out of a trance. Her cheeks flushed crimson when she realis

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