Chapter - 12 Fire-berries....!!!!

They continued to walk. Halting in between to give some rest to Tanisi. She noticed he hardly seemed tired. She had started to feel the exhaustion. But continued walking nevertheless.

He found some fruits and root tubers to satisy their hunger. And soon they were thirsty. He then heard the gushing sound of flowing water. Tanisi was tired, hungry and thirsty. She was soon getting angry at nothing. Samudra signalled her to follow him. She got irritated at this and stuck her tongue out at him. Samudra was amused; "What was that for? Don't you want water?" Tanisi ignored him and started walking towards him. She saw small, bright red,  berries. Immediately she ate one. It tasted delicious. Samudra saw the plant and said with a smirk, "I know you are hungry but don't eat them for your own good." Tanisi asked, "Are they poisonous?" Samudra said,"No they aren't. But I am sure you don't want their effect on you.." So saying he turned towards the water source. Tanisi snatched a wh

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