Chapter - 78 Strained relations

Tanisi was tied down by Samudra. He wouldn't let her out of sight. He wasn't going to let her go anywhere. Tanisi's poisoning was wreaking havoc. At one point she could think clearly and see that the said events had a long timeline and that Samudra genuinely loved her. But most of the times her thoughts were a chaos and she remembered the past more clearly when compared to recent events making her hate herself. 

Samudra had seen her mood swings. The Royal Doctor had prescribed another medicine to help her heal quickly. This was prepared and sent by the doctor himself instead of allowing the royal chefs to prepare it. 

Kumuda was kept under watch without her knowledge. She still sent medicines thinking that Tanisi was consuming it. In some days Naksha requested Tanisi and Samudra to give her audience.

Even though Tanisi had toned her attacks down, the relation between her and Samudra had greatly soured. The doctor had told Samudra in private that, she w

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