Chapter - 79 Samudra is annoyed

She regained her composure and was now ashamed at her behavior. She lowered her head and breaking free from his embrace, she dressed his wound. Samudra looked at her lovingly. She caught sight of this and didn't know how to react. She got up and simply left the place.

Samudra sat down. He then decided to take his horse "Ativega"(Ati - too, Vega - Fast) out with him for sometime. He shared a very strong bond with his horse and always felt consoled in its presence. He changed his clothes and went downstairs. He heard Tanisi's voice, she was playing with Naksha's child Bhadrabahu. Bahu could now walk and he loved playing blindfold. Samudra walked upto the place where they were playing. The child noticed him and ran to him. Samudra picked him up and caressed him. Tanisi who was blindfolded kept calling Bahu's name. Samudra was reminded of the time when he had rescued her. She was blindfolded then too. A smile crept up on his lips at the naughtiness he had exhibited towards her.&

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