Chapter - 80 The Discovery

After breakfast, Samudra took Tanisi to meet Naksha who told them about Bhavabhooti's murder. He was fed up of the hatred he received everywhere he went. Everyone knew how he had tried to trick the Emperor. He had been to a Kaingitya mask maker to get a mask and change his identity to eke out a living. Kaingitya guards had recognised him as the spy from Nishantha. Afraid that their current ruler would be lenient to him, they had hacked him to death.

The gruesome details of the incident disturbed Tanisi. She said, "If this is the case, then Padma also must have found it very difficult" 

Naksha: "Your heart still goes out for her Tanisi? What are you made up of? She put you through so much and yet you are thinking of how she would survive? Well strange news is there is no news about her whereabouts at all!"

Suddenly Samudra looked at her as though she had provided him with the solution for a great problem.

Samudra: "Naksha, do you know if Bhavabhoo

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