Chapter - 82 Samudra's impatience

After Padma's incident, Tanisi felt very confused. She didn't know how relevant her feud was with Samudra. But she also felt she shouldn't be lenient towards him. The way she ended up marrying him was not ethical. She wanted to ensure Samudra doesn't twist laws to suit him and wanted this to be a lesson for him.

She continued to maintain distance with him but respectfully. Samudra noticed that she had gone back to her original ways, but was still aloof from him. He didn't force her.

Slowly Tanisi resumed her war practices. She started to learn more about spying from Naksha as well. During this time Pradyumna was elevated in levels in Samudra's army. He started to frequent the Palace along with Balabhadra the commander-in-chief of Samudra's army. Samudra missed Shourya greatly.

He once joked with Tanisi, that he should probably annexe Kritadesha so that he can have Shourya back as his army's commander-in-chief. Tanisi retorted, "Just because you got me through

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