Chapter 3

Sheila's POV:

I was sweating profusely the moment I opened my laptop and keyed his name to know about him and to prove my panicking state a single drop of sweat is running through my forehead which landed on the plain white paper that I placed on my lap to write my assignment.

Right now I am sitting in front of my laptop, studying his life history to know more about him but didn't think it will bring me a mini heart attack.

My heartbeat started to increase rapidly, because of what I'm seeing right now and I'm bothering for my life as if it continues my heart will explode anytime soon.

"Sheila, you are really. really... really... a stupid. Go and collect your award from him." I mentally slapped.

I have no idea how I had ended up in this situation. He was another version of Hitler and known as arrogant, which was written in the article.

His personality is still unpredictable who has no limit to reach his desire, which may cost for another life too.

I feel clumsy and stupid, not only stupid but an idiot too. Oh, God!! What time did I decide to study here? I slapped my forehead and flipped the next page. 'His dad Mr. Carolyn Parker owns this college, and he is next in line to rule whatever his father own.'

I let out a long sigh and shut my laptop. Seem he is extremely rich. I bit my lips thinking of why did I bump him in the first place though I didn't do this purposely and I wanted to tack back everything.

"Everyone had dinner?" Our hostel warden asked, and I found myself nod my head even though I haven't touched my food yet. Yes, I am going to stay in the hostel until I finish my degree.

Feel weird.

Because of my native place a.k.a my hometown, Chennai, is too far from Bangalore. This is my first time me being separated from my family, but not a first-time of poking my head into troubles.

What can I say, destiny is always my side saying, "Hey, hello I'm your friend, and I'm always watching you from here." And wave its hand cheerfully.

Well.... think Sheila thinks. I slapped my forehead and started to think about him. "Thinking of him does not change anything. Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!" My subconscious mind scolded me.

Tomorrow I have to pay the amount and face that devil named 'Karl.' Yeah! His name is Karl Parker, which I learned from my colleagues and You know what, I got a lot of free advice from the seniors saying "don't mess with him, he has the power to destroy you. Stay ten feet away from him, it's all for your good."

Look like I am the one die to get his attention, am I? I wanted to punch their pretty face but afraid, afraid of what if they too turn like another Karl. Thinking of his name brought me a goosebump in my stomach.

He is not a superman or batman. But still, they were very fond of him and attached to him as their life depends on him. Whatever, I am not going to give any shit to him. I'm an independent woman and I live my life, however, I want.

He may be a college president's son, but I don't care. Please, don't get me wrong, I am not going to argue with him either. I'm just saying that's all. But I hate him with all my passion.

Because he is the main reason I am going to lose all my savings. I saved it with my hard work. It took me five years to save those sums of money. I never ever forgive him, Such an idiot.

He is misusing his status wrongly. I see where he get from that authority, but I don't get the point why those rich peoples are behaving like this ways. Don't they have any heart?

They never show sympathy to anyone. They see other people like a bug. That's why today, I felt lonely even though I was surrounded by a bunch of peoples, a lot of rich peoples.

After the small encounter with him, no one dared to talk to me, not even asked my name. They treated me like I'm a different creature who did not belong here.

Because they thought, if they try to make any friendly approach with me, they will get into trouble. What a selfish world. I have to prepare myself for war.

Today was the big day, I feel so tired. I need a good sleep. I let out a slow yawn by stretching my hands and bending my body slightly upwards. When I was thinking about sleep, my phone started to vibrate on my table indicating someone is calling me and my mood went lit up.

I know who is calling now. I took the phone from the table and brought it near my ear before pressing the green button.

After what seemed to be an hour, I felt relaxed. How badly I missed them. I wiped the unshed tears with the back of my hand and set the phone on the nightstand.

My wonderful family, they all are my willpower. They are caring for me a lot. If I mentioned anything about today's incident and how I was treated by everyone especially that devil, they would start to worry about me. They even would suggest me to come over.

I used to surround by my family members and friends but now I feel lonely. My mom is longed to see me as an engineer, it's one of her wishes.

Nothing is fulfilled when your parents are unhappy. My aim is to fulfil my mom's wish, so that means I want to bear all his bullies right?

Okay... tomorrow I want to get up early so that I can arrange the money that I needed and teach the devil a lesson. Yeah! From today onwards this is what his nickname. 'The Devil.'

Curling my body onto my bed, I wrapped my hand around my knees and brought them closer to my chest. With that position, I drifted off into peaceful darkness which welcomed me by her open arms.

I hope tomorrow will be a good day!


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