Attraction at first sight

“Is that all?”

The girl whose name on her tag reads Kate asked. Her eyebrows puckered, and a small smile played on her lush lips. Her brown eyes darted here and there as if she was frightened I would pounce on her any moment.

People often have that impression whenever they come close to me. Except for those that knew how harmless I was.

Perhaps it was my six feet, two inches height or the scowl I frequently spot on when I noticed girls were throwing a suggestive wink my way.

Whichever it was, I didn't care.

What I loathed the most was handling interviews with any applicants interested in the company because the people I frequently leave in charge, most especially Ellen, were too soft-hearted and terribly sympathetic. Thus, accepting the wrong people.

It had always been like this since I opted to take care of the family's business. I was the oldest of five children, making it a good choice to take rein of things.

Naturally, I was business orientated, whereas my other siblings had ventured into something else.

Kellen and Liam were twins and desired to be a mad scientist, much to dad's chagrin because he believed it to be worthless for a person from an aristocratic family. Whereas Sparkles, the last daughter and fifth child, had gone into modelling.

Only Ellen, who came after I had stayed close by. At least she had better knowledge of business than the rest of the three.

They all wanted a normal life and loathed to be referred to with any titles, just like me.

I would rather prefer to be at the Super Bowl game that was going on now than to be here.

Although, it was a dangerous place to be in because of the people allowed in sometimes.

“That's all. A message will be delivered if we offer you the job.” I said, and I watched her face lit up with a smile.

“Thank you.” She beamed.

I swivelled on the chair I sat on, facing the only source of light in the room, as the black-haired beauty left. She reeks, and I was glad the interview was over with, for I wouldn't last another minute with the perfume she used.

The food I ate before leaving the house regurgitated in my throat, and I had to shove it down to avoid vomiting all over my office.

Snatching my phone off the table, I swiped at it, then I chuckled as the video I took earlier popped on the screen.

Her cherub face glowed as she gripped the edge of her crib, her lips a pleasant shade of pink parted whilst mumbling baby words, and a dimple peaked out from both cheeks, making her the more adorable. Her grey eyes reminded me of the storm and her.

Ever since she left, I had never been the same. Though I had many affairs around, they weren't like her. My heart and soul would belong to her forever. Heck, it seemed to be dead, as I didn't find any of the beauties in this company even the least attractive.

The only person not shy about making a move was Claire. She had been bold, despite how over her, I was. She didn't back down.

Claire was an Omega and, according to the werewolves' pack, they were the lowest-ranked. Still, she didn't conceal how she felt towards me, even if it came off coy most of the time.

There was one time, because of her never-ending advance, Ellen, and Sparkles had gone one on one with her. The three were strong, however, Ellen was the strongest. She was cautious not to break Claire's bone in the process of the brawl.

Though they weren't fans of each other because of the pack, they had to keep up. Also, they work for me and I often told them to keep their differences aside for when they were in private.

The door opened, and an intoxicating scent wafted in. Despite the hundreds of girls that had stepped in today, this was different.

It was a scintillating aroma of vanilla mixed with strawberry. My gut churned and desire scorched within me due to it.

This was weird, as only a mint fragrance attracted my wolf, which was rare. And the only person I knew that donned on mint was Sienna.

Sienna, my precious, and the only woman that ever understood me. The strongest woman I knew and had ever seen.

I had pledged to cherish and would never take in another woman on her grave. However, the presence of this creature in my office was bashing me for making such a vow.

This had only happened to me once, and it was because I found my one true love. Yet, feeling this way in the presence of a total stranger was unnerving.

Even her voice as she said her greetings was music to my ears and not like anything I ever heard.

Another familiar emotion surged through me as I felt a wave of protectiveness towards her. My heart palpitated, whipping painfully in its ribcage as it urged me to take her far away, so she wouldn't get harmed.

I groaned as she shifted closer, and it made something snap in my core.

“Don't,” I muttered, clamping my hands down on my leg to halt me from swooping on her.

My mate?

Was the moon goddess giving me a second chance to love again?

My lips curled up in disdain at the thought of it, for love wasn't on my bucket list. Not even at the bottom of the list.

“What's the colour of your hair?” I grunted as her impatient tapping of feet began to irritate me.

This was the question I asked most people whenever I wished to discard them. That was what I felt. To dump her because I didn't want whatever her presence was stirring in me.

The presence of this human, aside from the normal perfume she wore, she appeared to be different.

I couldn't place my fingers on how different she was, but within me, I knew she wasn't the everyday kind of human I was used to.

“Platinum blonde and that isn't even an interview ques…”

“We already maxed out on blonde, and I don't want another airhead,” I interrupted.

“Excuse you?” She let out an exasperated sigh, perhaps at how I generalized the blonde-haired women.

“You know what, I've been having a shitty morning because of trying to arrive here on time. If I had known the person in charge of this company was an idiot and selfish bastard, I wouldn't have bothered!” She harangued.

“You are a self-centred, egoistic, pompous man. I don't freaking care if I'm using the same adjective to describe you because that's what you are!”

Even if she wasn't my mate, she was here for an interview for chrissakes, not a rant show!

She sounded cute at first, like a gorgeous damsel waiting for her prince in shining armour to rescue her. Now, she sounded harsh, like a filthy old hag that had eaten all her children.

I slammed back because if she was, she would have learnt how to bridle her tongues and never speak back to anyone above her.

Perhaps they didn't train her by her, or they had dumped her at birth because of how hideous she looked and later brought up on the street.

Regardless, my curiosity got the best of me, and I swirled to face her.

She looked like she didn't appreciate going out in the sun, as she was pale. Her hair was platinum and done in a high ponytail. Her head was a nice oval-shaped with an upturned nose that exudes defiance and full kissable lips-coated with a light pink lip gloss.

The brown suit she donned revealed nothing and did nothing to help her slender build. However, I could make out long legs where her skirt ended.

She drew herself up to her full height, which was absurd. Even with the stiletto she wore, she was still five feet five inches tall as I assessed her.

She was gorgeous, and what I found interesting the most were her grey orbs. As she glared, a hurricane of emotion was swirling in them as they latched on to mine.

I grinned and watched the stunned look on her face. “I told you, you can't run. Didn't I?”

Her jaw slackened, and she shut her eyes whilst jiggling her head in a frenzy. I was about to halt her because I thought her head would roll off her neck when her eyes snapped open.

“No, this shouldn't be!” She shrieked.

“Well, it already is,” I stated.

I smirked, staring at the look of horror on her face. She seems like she was about to murder whoever placed her in this predicament, including me.

She glared at me fiercely and stalked to the door. Likewise, she twisted the doorknob violently, but it didn't give way, as I had locked it the minute my eyes collided with hers.

She whirled around. “ I'm not marrying you! Get that. Not now, and never!”

“You can't escape from it.” I chuckled as she sent me a dirty look.

“Open this damn door!”

“Or what?” I hoisted my body off the chair and moved towards her. She shifted backwards with each stride I made, and I halted a short distance from her, staring at her.

Despite the distance, the jolt of electricity that sizzled in the air couldn't be neglected. Her startled eyes trailed to my face, and an intense hunger pierced through me.

Regardless of being headstrong, she seemed frightened as I walked toward her.

“I'll scream rape.” She retorted, scowling.

I tossed my head back and chortled. I believe she could do it because of the seriousness of her expression.

However, who would believe her?

No one. Save for the journalists who would want to make money out of it by making disreputable headlines.

“Everyone knows we are getting married in two weeks.” I lied, observing her reactions. It was just like I had imagined.

Her stormy grey orbs stilled as they fixated on mine, unblinking.

“Married?” Her voice echoed a few seconds later. Still, she looked alarmed.

“Yes,” I murmured whilst she searched my face to see if I was bluffing.

“I'm not getting married to you, you-you sick bastard! I want nothing to do with you. You can choose from your diverse workers to f*cking wed and even f*ck if you want!” She seethed. Twisting back to the door, she yanked the doorknob with force.

She swerved back again, huffing, as the door didn't open. “Just open this damn door!”

“Fine, but you can't run anywhere. If I were you, I'll accept my fate since it's the best decision your family has offered you.”

Hurt flickered in her eyes for a brief second before she concealed it.

“I'm not getting married to you, not now and never!” She screeched again. Then darted out of the office.

I didn't make a way to stop her because she needed to process the words which I had just said. Despite it being a lie, my daughter needed a mother figure and also, I guessed I find her to be the right choice.

Even if I hadn't before, today encounter's confirmed it.

This might be hard because of her stubborn nature. Eventually, she would cave in when she realized she had nowhere to go. I would make sure she wouldn't run away from my presence any more.

Despite how out of control I was always with my urges, nothing happened whilst with her.

Yet, I knew, not for long. If she had stayed another minute here, I would have leapt on her.

Regardless of me marking her now or not, she was mine. Even if I had to spank her to remind her, which I would happily do if given a chance.

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