Weird dream


Groaning, I stretched out my hand whilst searching for my phone, which was on the nightstand. I shielded my eyes as I saw the name on the screen.

“How long had I slept for?” I questioned myself, gazing at the clock on the chipped wall, which reads 10: 45 PM.

So early to be awake.

I wouldn't have much time to sleep anymore, and I hoped that the reason Renee had disturbed my precious nap was for a good reason.

I sat up on the small bed, which barely contained the space I had stationed it in. It was close to a small wooden wardrobe next to the nightstand, and my reading table was in the other corner. I did a semi-stretch and swiped up the screen of my phone to answer the call.

“Hey,” I murmured, rubbing my eyes.

I'm sorry babes, I keep disturbing you whenever you are sleeping.” She pleaded, making me wonder if she was ever sorry. 

She said this word all the time, and I was pretty used to it now.

How did the interview go?”

“I don't even want to talk or think about it,” I murmured, running my hand through my hair.

Judging by the sound of your voice, I believe it wasn't rosy. Give me brief details, please. I want to know!” She screeched.

I wondered again if she didn't hear my previous statement about not wanting to talk about it.

“Did you get the chance to meet him?”

I rolled my eyes at the excitement in her voice. I could picture her eyes twinkling whilst waiting for my reply.

After waking up late today, she had urged me to have a bath, coerced me into the clothes I wore and even gave me her shoes when I had complained I couldn't find mine, which was a lie. 

I had a wardrobe full of every shoe you could ever think of, however; I was reluctant to go to the interview, as I didn't want to encounter what I had been running from.

I had the hunch this morning that I may encounter him after seeing his pictures everywhere, but I hadn't connected his name to the company. 

Heck, I didn't know I would get to even meet him. Still, my intuition about this town had been right all along because I had been having weird dreams of encountering him. Although I had not seen him up close until today, even in the dream, a strange aura was round about him, concealing his face.

My father, George Lockser, a respected man in society and known for his wine collections. However, he was a chronic gambler, an addicted one at that. He didn't care if he won or lost, he would go on playing till he spent all the money with him.

The significant loss landed me in the dilemma I was in. He had gone to play and lost an immense sum of money. Unknowingly, it was to Aiden, who was an adept gambler. The latter had refused instalment payment and had desired to be paid on that spot.

I didn't know what transpired thereafter, but I learnt that my unreasonable father had mentioned my name without even thinking.

He had mentioned my freaking name.

Luckily, I overheard the discussion between my two half-sisters, brother and stepmom the night before the morning Aiden was supposed to come and cart me away. As if I was some sort of commodity!

My stepmom and half-sisters had willingly agreed to it, much to my annoyance. Then I knew no one ever loved me. Aside from my half-brother, who wasn't too thrilled and had helped me escape.

I had fled, and when it seemed I had nowhere else left to run to; I came here. Then I met Renee, who was my course mate back at the university. She had accommodated me in her flat and I had agreed to make part of the payment.

Though I wasn't used to this kind of budgeted living, it was better than nothing. Also, I enjoyed the utmost peace until I met him today.

Hello. Lena, don't you dare space out on me.”

Renee's voice severed the connection I have with my mind, making me recollect what she had asked.

“Oh, sorry. I met him, but I lost the job.” I stated, shrugging.

Y-you what?” She sputtered.

You lost your chance for a job at Aiden inc. Your dream company!”

“It was until I met the CEO.” I retorted, shrugging again, although she couldn't see me.

Who?” she implored, and another image of her hands on her waist whilst tapping her feet flashed in my mind.

“Aiden himself…”

I plucked the phone away from my ears as she shrieked. Sometimes, I wonder how I was friends with her; I mused whilst waiting for her to calm down.

“Omfffhunh,” She mumbled incoherently, then continued. “You met him and still lost it. You should have used your charms!”

Renee believed, with your charms, you could go places.

I didn't believe that since I have never worked and had no reason to until now.

“It's him. The reason I left home.” I cut her off before she continued ranting about how godly he was.

You mean him, him?”

“Yes,” I affirmed. “See, can we talk about this when you get home?”

Sure. My shift is about to start too. I can't wait for the juicy details.” She said.

Oh, my goodness. My friend is engaged to a billionaire!”

She hung up before I could correct her.

She perhaps meant sold to a billionaire rather than engaged.

Rolling my eyes, I stretched back on my bed as drowsiness took over me one more time.


I command thee by the power bequeathed to me, vanish from my presence!” I shrieked. Flames spewed out of my stretched hand to the creature of the night.

The beast was flung backwards, and it growled. However, it didn't back down. 

Perspiration leaked out of my sweat pores, my heart jammed painfully in my chest and my head throbs as I thought of another trick I knew or by chance that would slip into my head. Yet, none came.

It growled whilst it ambled menacingly towards me, its eyes flashed red, and it bared its teeth, which were startling white.

I stumbled on my own feet as I prepared to run.

The animal was close to me and would in no time tear me apart with its sharp teeth. I clasped my eyes and waited for the worst as it leapt into the air. I counted whilst gasping for breath as I awaited the pain from the injury it would inflict on me.

My eyes peeled open as nothing came. Another beast, an enormous one with gleaming dark fur which was illuminated by the moonlight, stood at my side.

I shrieked as its cold snout poke my skin whilst glancing at me.

My heart threatens to leap out of my ribcage as I thought of what would be of me next. My gaze travelled around the foreboding forest and the other animal lay sprawled on the dried-up grass with blood oozing from its stomach.

It had ripped the other wolf apart, and I was sure I would be its next prey. However, it flew away after glaring at me with its violet eyes reflected by the full moon. Perhaps I thought it was a glare.

A wolf howled in the distance, and I heard my name being yelled.

Trembling, I jolted awake. My eyes darted around the room frantically as I thought of what had interrupted me.

This wasn't the first time I was having a dream like this. It had been occurring since I clocked sixteen, and the first time I had told my dad about it, my stepmother had been present, and her eyes were full of contempt. 

Whereas, dad said nothing. Rather, he studied me and told me it was normal for teenage girls to have a nightmare like that.

What about now that I wasn't a teenager any more? I was a freaking twenty-one-year-old and had a dream of wielding powers. Heck, I usually never recognize myself in the dream as I look different and spoke in a different tongue, which was weird.

Also, it sounded more like Latin, which I loathed.

A soft rap sounded on my door, snapping me out of my reverie.


“It's opened,” I murmured.

Renee trudged into the room as if being controlled by a remote. Her head hangs down as she steps closer to my bed.

“I heard you scream.” She muttered.

“Sorry for disturbing your beauty sleep. It was only a nightmare.” I sighed, running my hand through my hair.

Her eyes snapped to mine as she pulled me into a hug.

“What are you doing?” I giggled whilst she patted my back.

“My mom always does this whenever I come awake because of nightmares.” She muttered, gazing at me. Her asparagus green eyes become round and glassy.

Now, I felt bad for making her worried and remembering her mom. Though it was a normal thing, still it was painful for a loved one to die. She seemed better than before because I could remember when her mother passed on.

For months, she was a walking zombie. She neither eats nor drinks. She didn't talk much either, only monotonously. Yet, she pulled through, which I was proud of her.

“I'm fine, Reene. Go back to bed.”

“Are you sure you don't want me to sleep here?”

“Of course, I'm fine.” I grinned, yet she didn't look convinced.

Even if I agreed, she spent the night in my room. It wasn't as if there was enough space on the bed. Save, she brings her mattress to lie on.

“I'm fine,” I said, shooing her off.

Glancing back at the clock to see what time it was, I groaned. I had been asleep for only an hour.

This was going to be a long night.

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