Dinner/A new nanny?


“So, big bro, will you tell me what that was about earlier today?” Ellen lifted her brows as she stared at me.

“What?” I questioned back.

Though I knew what she was talking about, I wasn't ready to tell her anything. Not in front of my three other siblings and parents, who now gazed at me with piqued interest.

Nosy bunch of people!

“That girl, she left your office in anger and almost murdered Claire with the look in her eyes.” Ellen shook her head, chuckling. Perhaps pleased with the scene.

I chuckled as I imagined her and Claire going one on one. Claire would no doubt shred her into pieces, yet I wouldn't watch that happen.

Anyone that touched her had me to answer to because she was my responsibility, even though she hadn't realized it yet.

“Don't give me that look. All the other participants came out and didn't look as if they were about to murder anyone except her. Are you hiding anything from me? Your darling sister?” Ellen blinked her eyes continually, then pouted.

Sparkles scoffed, rolling her eyes whilst the twin snickered.

I preferred Ellen to all my siblings. Not because she assisted me in running the business, she was the most level-headed of them all.

She thinks first then reacts later, which often was deadly.

“Besides, her name sounds familiar. Elena Lockser, I believe I've heard that name before, but I can't figure out where.” She tilted her head whilst gazing at the white ceiling.

The chandelier above dangled and did nothing to add to lighten the room we were in. Though it wasn't entirely dark, at least to us, it wasn't. A single large window was at its widest, which enabled the sun ray and cool wind to drift in.

“I know!” Sparkles snapped her fingers.

“There is only one Elena Lockser I've seen, and I know of. The daughter of George Lockser and sister to Ava and Amy. Platinum blonde hair, grey eyes and mouth that can rival a toilet.” Sparkles wrinkled her nose as she portrayed her.

Truly, she was right in the description, however; she forgot to add fiery and headstrong.

“Sparkles.” Mom berated, scowling. “Never say such a nasty word, especially when eating. Besides, you are a lady, and a proper lady never utters such words.” She lectured.

“Maybe I don't want to be a proper lady.” Sparkles retorted, shrugging.

Mom scowled whilst dad snickered, earning him a death glare from her.

“Her description makes her sound cool.” Liam grinned, which made Sparkles swat his hair.

“That's her!” Ellen affirmed. Her gaze, however, travelled back to me.

“So?” I implored, gazing around the table.

“Who is she?” She questioned back.

Although I didn't want to say anything and no one would bring it out of my mouth if I never wanted. Yet, I needed to let them know of my decision.

“My mate and soon-to-be wife, since you all want to know,” I stated, grinning at the word, mate.

Five pairs of eyes gawked at me.

“Uhn?” Sparkles sputtered, choking on the water in her mouth.

Liam, who was next to her, rubbed her back to ease her.

“When and how did you make such decisions without my consent?” Mom inquired. “I already arranged you with Lord Tunnel's daughter, Priscilla.”

“Thanks, but no, thanks.” “However, Liam or Kellen would be glad to have her. Won't you?”

Liam recoiled, and he shuddered, whilst Kellen appeared to be interested.

“I don't even like her. She annoys the hell out of me!” Liam grumbled.

Priscilla, the heiress and only child of Lord and Lady Tunnel, was a beautiful woman and a Beta to her brother. She would make a splendid wife and breed lovely children because of how loyal she was to her park. Still, I feel nothing for her. Not even a teeny bit spark towards her.

“I want you for her. She is so beautiful. I mean, the loveliest lady I have ever laid my eyes on.” Mom gushed.

“You should meet Elena. She never tries too hard, unlike Priscilla.” I snickered.

“She's a beauty, but with a gutter mouth.” Sparkled concurred, grumbling.

“And you are jealous of her.” Ellen pointed out.

“Whatever.” Sparkles said, rolling her eyes.

I wonder why Sparkles seems not to like her. However, that was how she was. She never liked anyone, except for us, her family. Or maybe she didn't like getting close to humans, but she had two as a friend.

I grabbed my phone from the table as it went off.

“Well, I have to go,” I stated as I read the content of the message on my phone.

“Prepare for a wedding in two weeks from now.” I stared, gazing at their stunned expression.

“Wedding?” Sparkles asked, breaking the silence yet again.

Though Elena hadn't agreed to it, I believed I would coax her before the mating season, which was exactly in two weeks.

“You can't just come to every dinner dropping a bombshell, then leave.” My mom yelled at my back.

I halted, then swirled to gaze at her.

“Ugh, your children are just unbelievable!” Mom tossed her hands in the air whilst glaring.

“I birth them with your help,” Dad confessed, making me laugh.

“We are your children, too.” Sparkles reminded her.

The last bombshell, as she had called it, that I dropped was when I announced my marriage to Sienna. She had been against it at first but later grew to love her. Sadly, she didn't last long enough.

I knew she would get to love Elena and become protective of her as well. No matter who I choose, she would agree to it.

I wonder what kind of nanny was waiting for me at home? I hope it would be someone like Madame Lucia. She was a grandmother and extremely caring. She had been there before Sienna came into the house and was still there.

I wouldn't be thinking of a nanny if she hadn't been called for official business. Madame Lucia had her clan, which were known to use Voodoo magic.

I never believed in it, though, and I still don't. Heck, I never believed werewolves existed until I triggered my curse by accidentally running someone over with my first car, and I shifted one full moon.

Since then, I learnt about the history of the werewolf in the family and my siblings, also, had taken turns in shifting too after triggering the werewolf gene intentionally or not.

Wincing, I recollect the excruciating pain I passed through. For the first few years, I couldn't control myself and would get chained down and left writhing in pain until the transformation was complete.

Still, I feel anguish, but not as before as I was in control now. Unlike my siblings that hunt down animals for blood, sometimes humans that couldn't stay in a place bear the consequences of their actions when they come in contact with them.

Whereas I try to control my appetite for blood and feed on some little creature instead. Yet, I was stronger than them.

The Alpha title was a bloodline thing. They passed it from my grandfather to me. I was told my father was too weak to take the reins and opt-in to be an elder instead because of his great experience and knowledge of the pack. My mom was one of the three caretakers of the pack. But, she was the head over them, and they often referred to her as the Alpha's mother because she birthed me.

The packs, which consist of my other siblings and employees plus some of my friends, had been supportive. Especially Ellen, who was my second in command, Beta.

I drove inside the garage and alighted out of the car. As soon as I stepped into the living room, a familiar scent invaded everywhere.

“Lucia!” No reply came, and I called twice again. Nothing.

Stepping into the kitchen, I took the sticky note attached to the fridge and read aloud:

I didn't intentionally take too long; I muttered to the paper with me.

Still, that didn't explain why Elena's scent was here.

Did I carry anything that belonged to her by chance? I pondered as I stepped out of the kitchen.

My heart palpitated as I moved towards the cellar. The scent grew stronger, and I growled as goosebumps rose on my skin.

I nudged the door open and froze at the spot.

I watched as she stood beside the crib. The short gown she donned highlighted her long, straight legs and curvy posterior.

What was she trying to achieve dressed like a stripper?

Though the turtle's neck dress wasn't revealing, neither was it short since it covered her body so well. However, it still turns me on.

“Perhaps he is the hideous one and had hidden her. So, her angelic face wouldn't get contaminated with his.” She said.

I chuckled before deciding to make my presence known.

She stiffened before swirling. Her cheeks reddened whilst she glances at the floor. The words were obviously meant for her head alone. Her eyes snapped back to mine, and they hardened whilst scowling.

“Why are you following me?” She gritted her teeth.

She must think everything revolves around her for her to think I was pursuing her.

“This is my house.”

She let out an exasperated sigh before slumping her shoulder at the revelation.

“I'm leaving already.” She huffed.

As she drew closer, I tugged her to me, and my hand tingled at the contact. I believe she felt the sizzling sensation too because she gasps.

Her gaze latched onto mine as she stared with uncertainty. I wonder what was going on in her head. Nevertheless, I couldn't ignore the sparks jolting inside of me.

It wasn't always like this. Though Sienna had been my first and only mate, I wouldn't say I have much experience with how it was. Yet, I have heard and read stories about them. Especially on the alphas before me.

None had mentioned the feeling of electricity and palpitation of the heart, only by proximity. Or the splitting headache about to burst my head open. They had all made it seem so sweet.

Meeting Sienna at a function for the first time had been love at first sight because her charming smile and granite eyes drew me to her. I hadn't felt this intense pressure from her.

Instinctively, I caressed Elena's face, which was warm to my touch. She shivered, but her gaze didn't waver from mine. Something snapped inside of me and I let out a low growl.

I dip my head down, taking her lips in a sizzling kiss.

She stifled at the abruptness, but kissed back as I teased her lower lips. I let out a growl again, shoving her to the door.

Elena winced at the impact, yet she didn't break away. All sense of reasoning left me as I tugged the dress over her head.

I kneaded her bottom in the silky thong she was in, making her moan. One of my hands moved to the soft mould of the flesh on her chest whilst the other snapped her bra open.

I trailed tiny kisses from her collarbone down to her cleavage and stalled there.

Elena moaned loudly, shoving her chest into my face as I took one rosy tip in my mouth. She tugged my lips away from it and back to her mouth. She matched my pace and kissed me back fervently.

I went to her neck, sucking and lapping at her sweet spot. I wanted to stop because I knew I would do something dangerous, as the self-control in me was seeping out. However, I couldn't until I tasted blood.

“Jesus, you bit me.” She murmured, nudging me.

It was then I realized what was going on. Also, when she realized she was naked with only her panty on in my basement.

“Oh, my goodness. Someone should tell me I had hallucinated about what happened, and I'm still fantasizing because I can't possibly be naked in the enemy baby's room!” She blinked, then pinched herself.

“This is freaking real.” She kneaded the skin that was now turning red.

“Goodness, this is freaking real!” She exclaimed again. Her eyes snapped to mine whilst donning her gown. “What did you do to me?”

“What?” I murmured, staring at her lips, which were red and swollen. Her white hair ruffled, and I imagined it scattered on my pristine pillow.

“Hey, pervert. The face is up here!” She poked my chest, then pointed to her face.

“What did you do to me that made me kiss you? You frog!” she demanded.

“Shhh,” I muttered, nodding at Gemma, who was fast asleep.

“I hate you, and I wonder why I keep running into you. Also, I wish I didn't meet you yesterday! I won't be here looking for a freaking alternative.”

“You should be happy you did. Because your life would have been a living hell if you didn't.” I smirked, swiping at the sweat gathering on my forehead.

I didn't know this room was this hot since I rarely frequented it.

I only kept Gemma in it, so her scent wouldn't attract any predators.

“You can't intimidate me, Aiden.” She said whilst drawing herself up.

Unlike yesterday, when she had been on a stiletto heel, she donned a ballet flat, and it made her appear somewhat short as she tried hoisting herself up.

The first time she said my name. And it sounded deliciously sexy on her lips. However, I desired to hear it in another form when I thrust into her.

“I'm not trying to intimidate you,” I said, winking at her, which only infuriated her.

“I have two lovely sisters. You can pick one out of them. They would serve you better than I.” she offered.

“Your father mentioned your name, not them.” I pointed out.

“I hate him.” She said.

“I'll just leave here and perhaps start over again and pretend nothing happened. When I have enough money, I'll pay you back the debt my father owes. Meaning, you don't have to see my face any more and I won't get to insult you, too.” She flashed a bright smile.

She attempted to breeze past me, but I gripped her hand, halting her.

“I thought you came here for a job?”

She shook my hands off her and swirled. “So?”

“Then work,” I said, grinning.

“Thanks, but no, thanks. I don't even want to see your face.” She plastered a plastic smile on her lips and she attempted going again, but I halted her the second time.

“You won't. Your room will be at the other end, and I don't even come home all the time.”

Her head tilted as she mulled over. “Nope.”

“I'll pay you to double the amount you agree on.” I asserted.

“I'll think about it.” She said, walking away.

The nerves of her!

I didn't want her to leave because I might not get to see her again, also I believe that I marked her. Maybe not entirely. That was why I was offering her the job, so she would stay.

“Okay. Fine. I want answers tomorrow.” I said to her retreating form.

As she left, her scent still lingered in the basement, making me groan.

Her lips, it was just like I had imagined. Cherry-flavoured and soft. If I hadn't bitten her, I would have taken her right there, on the floor.

“What is happening to me?” Elena winced.

My brows creased as I heard her voice in my head. My heart pricked, and I felt it thumped.

I heard her moan again, and I staggered outside whilst clutching my chest. She wouldn't have got far, and luckily, I met her outside.

Doubling over, she swooned. I caught her in my hands before she struck the floor.

Whooshing inside, I laid her on the well-made bed, then brushed her platinum hair out of her face.

She looks peaceful and angelic when sleeping. Though I prefer the feisty version of her. I settled beside her on the bed, and she rolled, tugging me to her. She let out a contented sigh as I wrapped my arms around her body.

I relaxed, relishing in her warmth. Then, I drifted off after a while

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