Dreams and howls


“Aiden…” I moaned out his name as his lips suckled on the soft flesh above my neck. His lips trailed soft kisses down and stopped on my chest. 

“You are so beautiful.” He mumbled as he observed me with hooded eyes. 

My nipples hardened under his scrutinizing gaze, and my hands itched to shred his clothing, so I would feel the skin beneath. 

However, I settled with calling his name. “Aiden please,” 

“Please what?” He implored, his eyes going dark. 

“I-I want you,” I sputtered, breathlessly, as he stroked my soaked pants. 

As if it was only the encouragement he needed. He slipped out of his clothes in a swift movement, drew me closer and tugged my pants off. He braced my thighs under his large hand, and he thrust into me briskly.

I jerked awake and felt around for my phone. Except for the light of the moon that streamed in, which illuminated the room a bit, it would have been dark. My brain, fuzzy to where I was, and I blinked away the haziness clouding my eyes.

I shivered as a cool breeze wafted in from the opened window and I couldn't remember having this cool air drift into my room, nor do I have a large window or a grand vintage mirror at the side.

I yelped as a hand caressed my thigh. Likewise, I darted out of the king-size bed to the window side, panting.

My heart thumped wildly, and I glanced around the room with wide eyes, looking for what I could defend myself with.

Several thoughts galloped through my head as I thought of the possibility of being abducted.

I couldn't remember how though, and there was no way in hell my father would pay any ransom-For he had handed me out to someone, so I wasn't his responsibility any more.

Perhaps my half-brother would take pity on me and pay.

I narrowed my eyes at the figure lying on the bed as he emitted another slight snore through his opened mouth.

He was lying on his stomach and he stretched out his arms and legs, taking most of the space on the bed. 

I squinted whilst narrowing my eyes. It was him!

Though I couldn't see his face, his hair, and body gave him away.

“What was I doing on the bed with him?” I wonder aloud.

I did a double check on myself to ensure he didn't touch me. And I wasn't in my usual clothing. Instead, a sheer pink thigh-length nightgown with a low V-neck was on me, and I wondered who had changed me into it.

I let out a deep breath and moved towards the bed. I sat down quietly so as not to wake him. He was beautiful and calm when asleep, and even more gorgeous when awake.

The dream flashed back into my mind, and my core dampened. I wonder if he had this effect on every woman he had been with. I lifted a hand to touch his hair, but thought otherwise as his annoying voice sounded.

“You should take a picture. It'll last long.” He rasped as he twisted facing me.

My heart raced at the huskiness of his voice, and I flushed as his gaze bore into mine. Shifting uncomfortably on the bed, I fingered the fabric of his blanket for some seconds whilst avoiding his gaze.

My eyes trailed to his as he let out a low chuckle. He was too beautiful for his good, and him laughing like that was doing me more harm than good, as my heart kept on thumping.

Then, I remember what I was in his house.

“What am I doing in your room, and on this bed?”

“You passed out after the kiss.” He grinned, stroking his chin.

The memory of the kiss penetrated my brain. I had behaved like a wanton for only twenty-four hours when I was in his territory. I wonder what would happen next if I begin the job he offered. Perhaps I would beg him to f**k me on the floor of his room.

“You seem fine, though. I thought you were dehydrated or something.” He said, checking me out. 

I have never fainted before, not even when I was very ill. Perhaps I needed to make an appointment with the doctor to see if something was wrong.

“You changed my clothes. You may have taken advantage of me.” I accused, glowering at him.

“I don't trust you,” I added.

“Oh, please.” He drawled. “You'll be the one to come to me, and I don't force myself on ladies. It's the other way round because they can't seem to get enough of this.” Aiden smirked, running his hands down his toned muscles.

Rising from the bed, he stretched, and he let out a soft groan as his muscles popped.

“Not me. I will never want you!” I let out. 

Even though I fantasized about him in my dreams, it meant nothing. 

Moreover, he was too arrogant in reality for me to like him. For all I know, his ego might be bigger than his willy.

A howl sounded from afar, and he tilted his head. He let out another groan as he stepped to the window. His blue orbs flickered to the moon overhead, and he ran his hand through his hair.

“I'll leave you alone, so you'll relax.” He grunted, then disappeared. 

Immediately, another howl sounded. I had never seen a wolf before, but it was part of the rumours the locale often talks about. I walked to the window and noticed a shadow passed by the gate.

It wasn't even a shadow as I looked closely. A cloaked figure and a dog running into the woods.

Why would someone walk a dog by this time of the day?

Well, it wasn't any of my business. How to get out of here in the morning was what occupied my mind.

I brought out my phone and noticed several missed calls and messages from Renee. I clicked on one and cringed at the content.

Renee: So I concluded texting you because I don't know how busy you are for you not to pick my calls. Just call me when you get the time. Also, don't forget to use protection because I'm not ready to be an aunt!

I rolled my eyes, giggling. Then read the others she had sent before. I would be worried too if she was the one that left without saying she would sleep over.

No matter how absurd it sounded, that was what I was doing.

My stomach grumbled, reminding me how empty and hungry I was. I wandered away from the window into the living room. Brightened by the floor lamp and chandelier, it still looked somewhat dimmed-at least, it looked better tonight than this morning, which had appeared cold and uninviting.

I walked into the kitchen, which was part of the living room. My eyes scanned what he had in the fridge, a lot of groceries, which I was sure were courtesy of the woman from this morning. I didn't even ask for her name, and she had behaved as if she knew me.

“Talk about weird old people,” I muttered, taking out a bowl from the cabinet. I prepared a cereal by adding a lot of milk to it because I loved it soggy.

I walked to the couch and ate to my satisfaction, then wandered to the other empty rooms.

I stepped into the basement too. The baby was sleeping peacefully and no sight of Aiden.

He had fled the room as if he was in pain. Perhaps he was the cloaked figure I saw, yet who in their right mind would go out of the house at this time of the night?

In this eerily town!

It bothered me! I didn't know why, but it scared me something might happen to him. If it had been in Tokyo or New York, I wouldn't have been this concerned, since those cities never sleep.

Nonetheless, Aiden was a big boy, meaning he could take care of himself. We had only shared a kiss, and I was already behaving as if we have been married for a decade.

As I heard shuffling and clawing at the door, I was terrified. I darted to the room, hopped on the bed, and covered my face with the duvet. I stayed in a fetal position, then said a silent prayer, even though I wasn't religious.

I stayed in the posture I was until I slept off again. 

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