Jensen's Return


Walking further into the woods, howling echoed around me, but it wasn't as intense as before. Today was one of those full moons. I was out hunting, not because I wanted, instead because of Elena.

If I had stayed longer in the room, I might have ripped the gown off her body and taken her till I became satisfied.

However, I didn't want her to hate me more than she already did, which could make it difficult to make her mine.

I glanced away as Ellen shifted back into her human form.

“I noticed some strange things around here a few minutes ago.” She mumbled, kicking at a tangled branch as we walked into the wood.

“I do too,” I said whilst sniffing at the air.

I couldn't pinpoint what it was, but I knew it meant danger.

“Also, a strange scent surrounds your house. Did you take in anyone?” Her gaze drilled into mine for some seconds before she let out a grimace.

“Don't tell me you have a human girl at your house!”

“Couldn't you at least be reasonable and take the slut elsewher
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