I groaned whilst rolling on the bed. My body aches as though I had worked throughout the night, which I hadn't.

Opening my eyes, I stared at the white ceiling illuminated by light from the sun for a few seconds before sitting up on the bed.

Climbing down, I darted into the bedroom as I felt the powerful urge to urinate. I stood up from the toilet seat after doing my business, flushed, and walked over to the sink.

A pout formed on my face as I stared at my reflection in the mirror. My skin was paler than usual, and my eyes seemed lighter, too.

My hand went to the back of my back and I felt how warm my temperature was. Perhaps, I am having a fever and the reason I fainted yesterday.

Sighing, I bathed my face with cool water, then dabbed it with a brown towel I saw in the bath cabinet.

My vision caught a mark on the back of my neck as I was about to leave. I narrowed my eyes whilst surveying it. It was a crescent-shaped mark, etched on the right side of my neck, and I couldn't
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