Meeting with the pack


“What is our next line of action? J. J Is back. He is stronger and faster than ever before. I don't know if he got his power from somewhere, but it was too much force to reckon with.” Ellen stated, grimacing.

I had gathered my pack to let them know of the presence of the enemy in town, which I didn't need to tell because it was obvious.

The return of J. J yesterday had caused a lot of havoc in the whole of District One.

He had confronted several Omegas yesterday, beating them up to a pulp. They all succeeded in escaping his bite, as it was fatal to us all.

J. J wasn't just any werewolf. He was a true Alpha and had his clan in the East. He was on everyone's blacklist because of his bloodthirsty nature.

“He's stronger because he's been on a killing spree.” Sparkles' gaze left the phone she was on momentarily as she observed everyone in the room.

It was an enormous hall, located inside the castle, which my dad had inherited. The castle originally had been here for more than fo
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