Chapter 10- Make out with Aiden and secret


I moaned out Aiden's name as he kept sucking on my core. My body quivered under his touch and I yearned for more. I panted whilst watching him with eyes glazed over with desire.

He stood up from the bed and yanked off his clothes. Hovering over me, he lifted my body to his and thrust in.

Gasping, I jerked awake.

However, I let out a moan as I felt a hand at my centre. I blinked the fogginess away from my eyes and gasped when I noticed Aiden stroking me.

I bit my bottom lip to see if I was in a trance.

However, this was reality and not a dream as my lips drew out blood.

“W-what are you doing?” I moaned whilst trying to clamp my legs together. But my treacherous body lifted itself to give him more entrance.

“Please stop.” I panted as he increased the pace of the amazement he was doing to my body.

I wouldn't deny the amount of pleasure I was feeling because it was my first time. And Aiden doing it to me makes it thrilling. It felt so wrong, yet so right at the same time.

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