Chapter 27: The faceoff with Jesen(Part one)


It had been three days since I was captured, and I lost hope of anyone coming to rescue me. Slowly, I tried to open my heavy-lidded eyes. I was still in the same white room they had kept in.

My legs and hands were shackled to the bed, which made movement quite unbearable.

I winced as I tried to turn to my side because I had been lying on my back for too long, and it ached.

I heard footsteps down the hallway, and the door to the room I was in swung open. A man who I barely recognised in a white lab coat stepped in.

He clutched a white clipboard with him. Perhaps, he was a doctor and the person fixing these narrow tubes in my veins to drain my blood.

I hadn't seen him until now because I was always unconscious whenever he came in. I had learnt that my blood was a tool to make a powerful cure, as well as turn a hybrid into an immortal. It was one of the reasons I was still in this room alive.

Jensen desired to be immortal, and it was as if being a hybrid wasn't enough. He wanted t
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