Chapter 28: Faceoff with Jesen(part two)


A rescue team was here, and oh boy, could I be any happier.

Ellen beamed when her gaze locked on mine.

“Not so fast, princess.” Jensen breathed into my ear, “I hate to do this, but it's necessary.”

He gripped my neck tightly as Maya was about to cast a spell on him and Kyle.

I choked on my spittles as I struggled for air through my gaped mouth.

“Elena!" Ellen shouted.

“Stop what you are doing, or she dies,” Jensen grunted.

“Ugh, Maya, stop it.” Ellen said, “He's going to kill her!"

However, Maya was far into what she was doing to quit of her own will. If she was angered, she often went as far as this to accomplish what she wanted.

“Maya!” Kellen growled as Jensen tightened his grip on my neck.

“I'm sorry, Maya,” Ellen said whilst smacking her with the butt of her dagger.

Maya moaned before smacking the ground. As soon as she was out, Jensen released his clutch on me.

He let out a low chuckle and snapped. “The witch is out, now's your time.”

He swirled and beckoned to t
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