Chapter 29: Sienna's Arrival

I groaned, rolling to my side as I came awake. My eyes travelled to the clock that sat on the nightstand, and it read 7:00 am. Moreover, the nonstop pounding on the door continued, and I wondered who was outside at this time of the day.

I didn't think of anyone in Aiden's siblings or parents that could come visiting.

Though they could visit whenever they wanted, they respected our privacy too.

It was barely a month since I was rescued from Jensen.

Still, Jensen was nowhere to be found, and it looked as if he had vanished from the face of the earth.

Nonetheless, I was glad since he didn't trouble us or anyone anymore.

Moreover, it had been arduous making Aiden come back to his senses.

After my rescue, I visited him in the cave he had been locked in.

I was almost ripped apart by the ravenous vampire in it with him, but I was glad he had been bound with magical chains to restrain him.

Also, Aiden had restrained himself from coming at me or any of his siblings.

Though his change was slow, I was glad he eventually did.

It was not pleasant to see him in pain, but I had silently prayed to the moon goddess to help him.

I didn't know who the moon goddess was, I heard she often answered requests, and I was grateful she answered mine.

The dingdong of the doorbell snapped me out of my reverie.

I glanced towards the side of the bed Aiden had slept on.

The sheet was rumpled and cold as I touched it. It implied he had long been gone but to where? I pondered.

Because If he was anywhere around the house, he should have answered the door.

Climbing down from the bed, I slipped my legs into my slippers and stepped into the bathroom.

Turning on the faucet, I bathed my face with water and rinsed my mouth before stepping out.

I rolled my hair atop my head as I shuffled into the living room.

“This better be good,” I muttered whilst I unlocked the huge mahogany door.

“Who are you?" The woman at the entrance asked. Her granite grey eyes stayed on mine, assessing me.

I fidgeted as I became conscious of what I was on.

“I'm Elena, and you are?” I said politely.

She scoffed, then rolled her eyes at my stretched-out hand.

I withdrew my hands and then observed her.

She was a maxi-Sparkles. I mean bitchier and snobbier. At least, Sparkle's resentment towards me had been because of my humanity and nothing else.

But this stranger, there was something off and, at the same time, familiar about her.

“Babe, who is at the door?”

I let out a relieved sigh as I heard Aiden's voice. Perhaps, he had been in the gym, which was situated in the basement next to Gemma's former room; that was why he hadn't answered the door.

His feet echoed as he stepped closer to where I was at the entrance.

“May I know your name, please?” I repeated in the same polite manner as before, even though I wished to slap the bubble gum she was about to pop away from her mouth.

“No, and I'm not here for you slut.” She sneered with a dismissive wave of her hand.

“Excuse you?” I scowled.

“You heard me correctly, whore.” She repeated with another term.

“I'll pretend I didn't hear that and let Aiden come to handle you himself because if I do, no amount of plastic surgery will rescue your face when I'm done.” I threatened with a sweet smile on my face.

Her mouth went agape, and she hissed. “You won't dare.”

“Hey.” Aiden's hands wrapped around my waist from behind as I was about to reply.

I relaxed into his touch and opened the door wider for him to access the guest.

I felt him still, and his warm taut body left mine as he nudged the door wider.


Sienna? I repeated in my head as I stared at Aiden, who had a perplexed look on his face.

His brows creased, and his complexion turned ashen as if he had seen a ghost. I felt him tremble slightly before he shook his head, perhaps trying to clear his thoughts.

“Hello, Darling, won't you welcome your beautiful Luna?" Sienna grinned.

“Oh, gods!" I muttered as I added two and two together.

It was no mistake; this was Sienna, Gemma's mother and Aiden's supposedly dead wife.

“But how?” Aiden echoed the same question in my head.

How was she alive, and what did she want here?

“It doesn't matter. What matters now is I'm here. We were meant to be forever.” She smirked

Aiden shook his head and stepped back to where I was. He linked his fingers in mine and wrapped his other hand around me.

“I don't understand what's going on. I need an explanation for this.” He pointed out.

“Explanation to what? I'm your wife, and I'm back. The least you could do is welcome me.” She said.

Aiden grunted. “You appeared out of nowhere after being dead, and you don't think I deserved to know what is going on?”

“Who is this b*tch with you, and why is she using my robe?” She demanded and attempted to take a swipe at me.

But Aiden prevented her. Her hand smacked his chest instead.

I snorted. “Good thing I know this is for you now. I need to cleanse my skin after this conversation.”

“Sienna, can we talk later? I need to process everything that is going on.” Aiden implored.

“Gosh! Are you sending me away because of this whore? I'm here for you because you are my freaking husband, and oh, I'm here for my child.” She snapped.

Aiden tensed as he scrutinised her. I know when it comes to Gemma, he would kill anyone that tries to harm her, even if it was her birth mother.

“Contrary to what you think, she's my wife, and it would be great if you respect her in that manner.” He asserted.

A huge smile spread on my face, and my heart warmed at what he had just called me. Also, I didn't bother correcting his slip.

Ever since the fight with Jensen, Aiden and I had become inseparable.

He had fixed an earlier date for us to get married, to which I had readily agreed to.

Everything had been going so well until now.

“I'm not startled by the way you are acting. I knew you never loved me because if you do, you won't discard me this way.” Sienna's eyes brimmed with tears.

Tears that I knew weren't genuine as she kept glaring at me when Aiden wasn't watching.

“Sienna, please don't cry.” Aiden groaned, shoving his hands into his hair. “You haven't told me what is going on, and I'm not sending you off.”

“You didn't allow me to explain because of her.” She jerked her head towards me with a scowl on her face. “Can I at least come in to explain to you better?”

I shook my head, and before I could voice my objection, Aiden invited her in.

As she strolled into the living room, a wicked grin graced her face.

“Just what I needed!” She breathed in deeply with her hands spread out.

Instantly, the ground shuddered underneath me. A violent wind swung the door open, and books from the shelf at the corner of the room were flung across.

Dodging an enormous book that had almost bashed my face, I staggered towards Aiden.

I hollered whilst he attempted to clutch my hands.

“Sleep," Sienna commanded.

My eyes snapped shut. I blinked it open whilst I willed myself to stay awake.

The charm in her voice was overwhelming. Rapidly, I blinked to keep myself from heeding her voice.

Regardless of how I tried, it was futile, and I was knocked out cold.

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