Chapter 30: Awakening

“Hello?” I yelled as I came awake in an unfamiliar place.

And maybe if at least a lamp brightened it, I might have recognised the location.

My voice resounded in the empty room, and I could hear the gush of a stream nearby.

Standing up, I used my hands to feel my surroundings. I noticed how rough the wall and ground were.

It took me a minute to realise I was in a sort of cave, but the question was, how did I get there?

“Oh, gods!” I muttered as I remembered what had happened.

“Aiden!” I shouted, but I received no response.

I remembered being with him and Sienna until the latter began to chant something which flung Aiden and me off balance.

“Hello, anybody here?” I grimaced, breathing in and out as my leg slammed into a pebble.

Aiden and his family might be worried sick about me right now, I thought whilst I caressed my sore toe in the dark.

Despite the aches in my legs, I pushed forward. I didn't relent until I got to an opening brightened by a blazing torch.

I wondered who was wi
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