Chapter 32: Battle with Sienna


Sighing, I glanced at the gold wristwatch on my left hand.

Sienna was an hour late, and the most irking thing was she would not apologise.

She had once said it was normal for a woman to be later than men. However, I never knew where she saw that rule since she used it quite often.

I glanced around the lush garden she had picked out for today's event.

Aside from the undead armies surrounding the vicinity, which were invisible, the minister she had compelled into joining us, and I was the only one present.

I gazed at the minister, who was staring blankly at nothing.

Sienna had compelled him, and he would be in that state until she snapped him out.

I knew how it was to be controlled since I was the first person she had experimented with her powers ever since she came back from the dead.

It wasn't a fun thing to be compelled because you lose all the freedom you have that instant and want to do as the person desires.

I was glad I had snapped out of it immediately, but I didn't kn
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