Chapter 33: Battle with Sienna part 2


I didn't know the force that propelled me towards the evil witch.

Despite the yell to get back into the protective circle, I still move on.

Maybe because I knew who I was, I could face her one-on-one without flinching.

My hair whipped around my face as the wind continued. It was a wonder I was the only one unaffected by it.

Perhaps, it was the ball of wind that encompassed me like a shield that made me immune to her power.

Sienna's gaze locked on mine, and I did the same as I stepped towards her.

I didn't glance away for once until Aiden shouted my name.

Frowning, I stared at him.

He didn't look as if he never knew me. Instead, I saw fear in his eyes.

The only time he had shown fear was whenever I was in distress. Now that I wasn't, I wondered what was frightening him.

Perhaps, he was appalled about the face-off I would have with Sienna.

Moreover, if he had remembered me all this while, why had he pretended?

Possibly, it was for my protection, I answered myself. Because I
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